How To Read The Ikea Date Stamp & What It Means

Above -> Produced in 2005, Week 47 | Made in Romania | Manufacturers Code: “14036” | White Sticker, Square Corners | Series/Model: “Kirkenes” | Code (YYWW): “0547” –> Produced in Year 2005, Week 47 | Date Code Imprinted Manually | “Made in Romania” Reading The IKEA Date Label – Date…
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How To Find An IKEA Date Stamp 2021

In this article you will learn about the Ikea date stamp: 
Identify different styles of Ikea date stamps,
See pictures of each kind of date stamp,
Locations where they are found,
What information they have on them,
The meaning of the information,
How to find the date stamp if think you can’t find yours.

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