Sample Student Visa Letter To Canadian Consulate


                                                                                                       September 9th, 2018

To Whom It May Concern,

My name is ________________ and I am seeking a visa to attend college at Concordia University in Canada, where I have been accepted to attend graduate school this coming Spring semester in 2019. At Concordia University I will pursue a Masters’s degree in Building Engineering, expanding and enhancing my abilities beyond the norms and limitations of urban development in my country. In my hands I will hold an internationally recognized degree from a renowned university that will give me greater recognition amongst my peers and attract more lucrative business opportunities and advancement in my professional career as an architect. When I reunite with my loved ones and colleagues, I will bring with me all of what I glean from my studies and give new life to the edifices that represent my country, in which my community thrives.

The degree I seek in building engineering is not offered at any of the universities in Iran.  Similar facilities for higher education in Iran regarding architecture are primarily theory-oriented and use outdated materials and designs. The lack of computer sciences and engineering courses are the most devastating shortcoming of studies provided by the universities here in my field because those are the skills and knowledge that are most sought after and desired in the construction industry. In Canada, they not only utilize the newest and most advanced technologies and tools available but are also constantly reinventing and discovering more cohesive procedures and configurations.

While attending Concordia University, I will have the honor of taking computer-based courses such as  Computer-Aided Building Operation, which optimizes computer systems for energy management and applications for intelligent buildings that integrate knowledge-based software and simulations to automate building operations and diagnostic solutions. Another technical course, Computerized Building Security Systems, uses software to set protocols for implementing specific actions in the event of extraordinary conditions or emergencies such as fires or flooding.

Sustainability and conservation are of utmost importance in the modern building industry for which Concordia University is one of the most internationally recognized. I am particularly interested in taking Mechanical Systems in Building where the analysis of HVAC, air, water and effluent water distribution systems in buildings provides insight to better conserve resources. Water conservation is a particularly important subject in Iran due to the scarcity of water resources that frequently results in entire cities managing without water for several hours. Similarly, Energy Management in Buildings teaches how to reduce energy consumption and assess energy performance in energy-oriented building sub-systems.

In addition to technology and sustainability-oriented classes, I will learn how to practically use a vast new inventory of products and structural techniques to optimize the space for a given scale of production. Large scale operations are dissected in other classes that examine the needs and requirements of international and industrialized markets and the process of off-site fabrication of buildings. I will learn how other regions combat obstacles and design resilient and sustainable buildings that are not only economically and environmentally conscious, but also great shelters. Structures able to withstand the forces of nature with respect to specific climate conditions and disaster-prone regions across the globe.

Although it has been a few years since I have been a full-time student, I have never stopped learning. I have experienced first hand what it is like to work in such a competitive field as an individual as well as an entrepreneur. I quickly discovered that my beautiful country is riddled with inadequacies and hazards. My passion for architecture and design only grew with my desire to rectify my city, in desperate need of care. It became ever-so clear to me what my life’s work would be as I completely and effortlessly immersed myself in the workforce. My first job after college was working full-time for hhhhhhhhhhh where I designed and sold stretched ceilings for three years where I eventually became a supervisor for my department. We participated in several exhibitions such as the International Exhibition of Building and Construction Industry and the International Exhibition of MIDEX. Being proficient in English and an affable person, I was responsible for interacting with foreign clients at these exhibitions.

This led to a part-time position at Monenco Iran as I had to set time aside to study for the IELTS. There we designed a fiber-optic system for Oman where I got to work amongst other architects from around the world. During this time, my husband and I launched and managed a small company we named  ________________ where we offered interior design and construction services to individuals and companies. In addition, last year we purchased another construction company,  ________________, that we have grown into another profitable endeavor that we continue to expand to meet the needs of our clients. Following my entrepreneurial ventures, I became employed full-time as a site manager after completing my internship at  ________________, a very large and well-known company where my objective is to evaluate the execution of construction to distinguish and resolve errors. Upon completion of my master’s degree and return to the company, I have already been promised a promotion and a bigger salary!

Studying abroad at such a prestigious institution will grant me a unique advantage over my competitors, increasing my value as an architect and raise the status and proliferation of my own personal businesses. I am excited to study in Canada but I am more excited to share my gifts of knowledge and secure financial stability with my loved ones. I would more easily be able to take care of my parents in the new house my husband and I have recently purchased. They are growing weak with age and ailments, I can only hope to compensate them for all of the wonderful things they have given to me, all of their hard work, the sacrifices they made to provide for our family and enabling us to follow our dreams.

I will return with great pride knowing I will be able to renovate the face of the city and create a better future for my country. My master’s degree will serve as the final piece of the foundation for which my legacy is built and my first step towards greatness.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Site Manager at ________________

Cofounder of  ________________ and ________________

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