$30,000 REWARD Find The Airplane In The Pines

Are you ready to make the $30,000 discovery? (Up from $20,000 last year!) If you’re a natural iSPY champion, this hunt may be tailored for you!

Before I go into more detail I just wanted to make a couple things clear for those of you who hear “find a lost plane” and visualize a plane crash. You are totally right to imagine this because the plane did crash however both occupants survived with minor injuries.

So here’s what happened: A man named Ron Carlson wanted to fly his TBM-3E Avenger across the U.S. He had refurbished the aircraft externally and internally he made necessary modifications to render it safe to fly. He had replaced the engine with a modern reliable one, current steering/navigation controls, removed weaponry and added modern safety equipment… except they decided to wear authentic WWII helmets.

Whilst flying over the White River Reservation Mountain Range in Fort Apache County, Arizona the engine began to fail for no apparent reason. Thick smoke surrounded the plane and visibility quickly diminished. Being more than prepared for a disaster and without any safe landing area in sight, they decide to ditch the vintage relic to save their lives. Neither of the experienced pilots had ever had to evacuate an aircraft before however they had watched many Youtube videos and practiced several times on the ground beforehand. They both made their escape and parachuted down onto the tall pine trees below. It’s a remarkable story, to say the least and you can read more here.

Between the radar data from the airport and their own personal accounts of the events, they have a general idea of where the plane could be located. Ron Carlson has provided the public with all of the information, including various maps marked with possible crash sights to glean through. He warns that people may receive a fine for trespassing if found on the tribe’s mountain without proper permissions granted because it is protected land.

After conducting many unsuccessful aerial and ground searches for the airplane he decided to enlist more help from the public with a grand incentive. The first person to find the airplane will receive $30,000 however you must follow the guidelines exactly in order to receive the reward. Primarily you must only take pictures of the craft with any identifying markings, do not touch or remove any items, send the photos in an email to ifoundtheplane@gmail.com including its GPS coordinates and quickly leave the location. Most importantly you are not allowed to contact the media or share your findings with anyone else outside of that email. Doing so will disqualify you from receiving the money.

Good lucky and happy hunting!!