Make Money At Home Under Lockdown

Make Money At Home Under Lockdown Or Quarantine:

There are many ways to make money at home under lockdown and these 3 will give you the best results:

1. Find products in your home that have been recalled and get a full refund, replacement or repair.
2. Retrieve money you didn’t even know you had also known as “Unclaimed Property”
3. Search for class action lawsuits you can join and get a check for a portion of the settlement.

1. Find products in your home that have been recalled and get a full refund, replacement or repair to make money at home under lockdown.

One of the best ways to spend your time under lockdown to guarantee you’ll have money coming in is by finding recalled products sitting all around you. Get paid and remove potential threats to your family at the same time!

There are thousands of recalls issued for products across the board every year that go under the radar for consumers unless they are contacted directly by the company. Manufacturing companies only receive 10% of the recalled products back on the average meaning you’ve probably got multiple recalled products in your house that you still use unknowingly.

Often, people don’t feel particularly threatened or worried about some recalls because the ones that are most harmful will usually end up on the news. This does not mean that we are less likely to have a defaulted item nor are they any less dangerous in reality.

When you’re busy, it’s easy to forget about the recalls or keep up with the hundreds of items but it is worthwhile to investigate them. Not only will you make your home safer but you can also get one of the following remedies that are issued relative to the egregiousness of the error:

  1. Your money back – usually a full cash refund including sales tax
  2. A brand new replacement item – if no identical product is available then you will likely be given an upgrade to the latest model released.
  3. A free repair – sometimes you can receive a rental product to use if the repair requires more time, vehicle recalls will often allow you to get reimbursed for renting another car while it’s being worked on.

There are six total regulatory agencies that oversee consumer and commercial goods and the one you will reference while you’re confined inside your home is the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) via their website’s recall announcements and archives. There you can scroll or search for items/brands that have been recalled. Each listing will have a brief description of the problem, pictures of the item, how to identify if your item falls under the recall, the type of remedy offered and links to the manufacturer’s website to participate in the recall.

Some notable examples of items that you will get a full cash refund for include:

  • Ikea Chests and Dressers approximately
    • Reason for recall: tip-over accidents resulting in the deaths of 8 toddlers.
    • $70-$600/each
    • No receipt required
    • 100+ models produced over the decades
    • Maximum 6 recalled items per person
    • (Read our in-depth article on Ikea’s Recall Requirementsas well as related information on finding and analyzing Ikea’s date stamp).
  • Beats By Dre Pill XL
    • Reason for recall: possible fire risk from the internal battery; no fires reported.
    • $325/each
    • No receipt required
    • Only the Pill XL model is recalled
  • Rock and Play Infant Sleepers
    • Reason for recall: The shape of the sleeper allows infants to roll onto their stomachs where they will then suffocate. 30 infant deaths reported.
    • $60-$300/Each
    • No receipt required
    • Multiple models and brands
  • Hoverboards (multiple brands)
    • Reason for recall: Battery poses fire risk while charging; 40 house fires reported
    • $150-$300/each
    • Typically receipt required unless returned to the place of purchase
  • Dehumidifiers (multiple brands)
    • Reason for recall: fire risk; several reported.
    • $50-$200/each
    • No receipt required, send in a picture of the serial number and cut power supply
  • Rheem Performance Platinum Water Heaters
    • Reason for recall: Risk of fire, few reported
    • $350-$700
    • Only Performance Platinum Models recalled
    • No receipt needed, call Rheem for instructions
  • Kidde Fire Extinguishers and Smoke Detectors
    • Reason for recall: Failure to function in fire event, many reports
    • $5-$300
    • No Receipt Required, multiple models affected
  • Takata Airbags*
    • Reason for recall: Airbag chemicals expand improperly and shoot out shrapnel  while deploying airbag, many deaths reported
    • Free Repair/Replacement/Rental Vehicle
    • All car manufacturers use these airbags so check you VIN here to find out immediately because you’re essentially driving with a loaded gun held to your chest!

One of the good things about recalls is that they never expire so no matter how long it has been since the recall was announced you will still be compensated for purchasing a faulty product. Be sure to sign up for the CPSC email alerts to stay up to date once you’ve gone through things you currently own.

2. Retrieve the money you didn’t even know you had on

Another thing you can do to make money from home proactively while under lockdown is to find money that’s already yours.

So sometimes when you move it is found out afterward that you overpaid in some way, or you may never have cashed a rebate check for something you bought years ago. Other times your wages were accidentally over taxes or your bank charged your account twice for a single purchase. One of the most common reasons for misplaced funds is that the money was sent to the wrong address or under an improperly spelled name.  Well, each of these instances, as well as any other similar instances where you lost money, are sometimes only discovered long after your attention was removed from them.

Luckily for anyone who missed out on cash, the treasury department has been holding on to it just for you! All you have to do is search your name (can be full or partial, initials, and misspellings with or without specified state*) on which is a national database of unclaimed property available to the public thanks to the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

*Not all states use – only 8 or so altogether so check their website to find out whether yours is included or not. In which case you just have to search the treasury department for that particular state you think could be holding your money.

At this initial stage, not a whole lot of information is given so do your best based on the name and addresses given for the owner and the company or individual who originally disbursed the funds to you.

Depending on the state holding the money you may have to mail in a claim form and submit a copy of your ID cards (Driver’s license, SSN, Passport, Birth Cert. Etc) and possibly other proof that you are the rightful owner like a matching address on an old tax return or something of that nature. Other states like Florida for example, you can just submit everything online and find out instantly whether you are the rightful owner of the property or not.

In my opinion, it’s always worth the shot if you are unsure because the worst thing that can happen is that they will tell you that it’s not yours. Oppositely, of course, the best outcome is that it actually is yours! YAY!

This may be more of a headache for those with common names like “Brian Smith.” I have no solution for this issue so I’ll wish all y’all good luck and I hope you are able to dig up something!

You can also claim the unclaimed property of others from which you are the beneficiary or rightful heir. Other types of entitlement include if you are a guardian, conservator, or power of attorney for an individual.

Don’t wait too long to make your claim though because once 50 years have elapsed that money then becomes the property of the government and you will no longer have a chance to redeem your funds. That being said, make haste and start searching!

3. Search for class action lawsuits you can join and get a check for a portion of the settlement to make money at home under lockdown.

The third and final way you should be getting cash from home under lockdown is by becoming a member of a class-action lawsuit.

Class action lawsuits are lawsuits in which a small group of individuals who experienced or discovered similar improper or misleading practices of a large company represents possible hundreds or thousands of members also affected similarly. Those individuals used to argue the case are the ones with the strongest evidence to support the claim being made by the other claimants of the suit. This is also a widely accepted practice so that the courts are not overloaded by individual cases which would take up copious amounts of time and resources far beyond the capabilities of the judicial system.

If you are not contacted directly by the issuers of the lawsuit or if the company is not mandated to publicly announce the lawsuit for the broader public to join you may never know that one had ever occurred at all.

There are tons of websites out there that list the lawsuits and have email lists you can join but the one I find the most useful is because they clearly state who is eligible to join the lawsuit, what proof is required if any, and the approximate amount you can expect once the case is settled.

Now keep in mind some of these lawsuits can take 6 months up to a couple of years before everything is said and done and another three to six months before the settlement funds are disbursed to the members. I usually fill these out and forget about them and then I get wonderful cash surprises randomly years later, I love it!

You’ll definitely be thanking yourself for filling out these claim forms I promise! It’s one of the easiest ways you can make money at home under lockdown for sure. You shouldn’t have to fill out very much more than your name and address so if you start filling one out and it turns into a survey then it’s probably not that right website to submit your claim so don’t waste your time filling out pages of questions because they typically result in nothing at the end.

The most I ever received was $250 from Uber for their failure to do proper background checks on drivers. I think my smallest check was for 75¢ or something. The reason the numbers fluctuate relates to the total dollar amount of the settlement and how many members made a claim to receive a share of the settlement. Sometimes the company will give products instead of cash as a settlement and sometimes other services.

For example, the Equifax Breach Settlement allows members to choose between 4 years of free credit monitoring or $125 cash as a check or on a prepaid debit card. These companies that are forced to settle can be sneaky sometimes like Equifax requires you to re-confirm your choice in a follow-up email which they never tell you about once you submit your claim so always be on the lookout!

One final thing to note about class action lawsuits is that there is a brief window of time, usually around 6 months long, that you can submit your claim. If you are unable to get yours within that timeframe then you have lost the opportunity at receiving part of the settlement so you have to check regularly for new claims as they arise.

This window of time is short because otherwise, the whole case would remain open and ultimately never settle and then no one would ever get paid because if they distribute it before everyone who wants to make a claim has made one then there will be no money left for those who decided to join later on because it was already given out evenly to all class members at one time, make sense? If not, comment below and I will try to clarify more on this subject.

Well, that’s all for now so if you need to make money at home under lockdown or quarantine you should have some new tools in your arsenal. I hope you will set yourself up with these awesome guaranteed ways to ensure you’ll have cash coming in the near future. Again, I’m always here to help you with any questions you may have.

Keep busy, hang in there, stay safe, and good luck!