In order to receive a full cash in-store refund the product must meet all of, but not limited to, the following requirements (requirements may vary depending on location).*

*These observations have been compiled from personal accounts and experiences of other customers who participated in the Ikea dresser recall program that was initiated in 2016. and is not to be confused or misunderstood as being anything other than a review of the recall process. The information provided has either been gathered from publicly available sources online or derived from interviewing other customers and what they were told by customer service employees working at Ikea. This article is an interpretation of the information and should not be considered as 100% factual, true or accurate. It is an opinion of what one should expect and how to successfully participatein this recall.

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Products Accepted:

  • Units that are on the most recent dresser recall list.
  • Maximum 6 refunds “per household” allowed for this recall.
    • This does not mean 6 transactions – If you bring 6 items in at once, you have completed your 6 returns limit as an individual customer and you have also reached the 6 returns limit for your address as well for this particular product recall.
    • You may still return items with a receipt and you may still participate in other recalls by IKEA.
  • Disassembled items
  • Painted/decorated items
  • Missing non-specific product parts, e.g. screws or knobs
  • Items with writing, e.g. “as is,” “LP,” or other third party purchase indicators will receive 50% of the original purchase price.
  • Date stamp/sticker identifying the product model, company name/logo “IKEA,” manufacturing country, manufacturer code, date code between January 2002 (0201) – June 2016 (1622) unless otherwise specified see Image 1, Table 1
  • Manufacturing country is one of the following:
    • Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Thailand, Lithuania, & Germany
  • Illegible date stamps will receive $50 in store credit.
  • Date code within recall range.
  • Date code outside of recall range will receive 50% of the original purchase price.
  • Products without date stamp that are identified as a recalled product by the customer service representative will receive $50 in store credit.
  • All individuals present during the refund process must have a valid ID that has an address on it.
  • All individuals present are perceived as being “refunded” for the same item.
    • The amount of refunds each individual present has left for this recall is reduced as if they had each received a refund for the same item(s).
  • Painted and/or decorated items
  • ALL PIECES of the dresser or chest must be present at the time of return.
    • They will count and measure each piece.
    • Screws and handles are not necessary but drawer slides must still be present.

Products Disqualified:

  • Missing product-specific parts, e.g., back panel, slat, or drawer slide.
  • “Altered” units
    • Extra parts, regardless of complete product!
      • For example I had glued/screwed in pieces of wood to the interior of my dresser because it was flimsy and they wouldn’t take the recalled dresser back and give me my refund despite the fact that there wasn’t even a screw missing!
    • Not original or non-Ikea parts, including supports.
  • Completely destroyed or demolished pieces.
  • Individuals inside the store or outside the store, in the parking lot or shared vehicle are considered to be “present” for the refund.
    • They may be asked to present their ID and declining to do so may result in the denial of the refund.

Additional Information:

  • All sale-price or date-specific based refunds include the sales tax.
  • Refunds are in the form of cash or store credit.
    • The refund amount is the same for both options if offered the choice between cash or store credit
  • The amount of money or store credit refunded is determined by what retail price the product sold the week and year on the date stamp, including tax.
    *May vary by location
  • Cash is now in the form of a check sent by mail to the address listed on the form of identification you provide them. The check will arrive in approximately 8 weeks.


  • IKEA chests of drawers will have a label or date stamp on the product with the company name “IKEA,” model, and the manufacturing date code lower than ‘1622’
  • Only units manufactured in the following countries (written at top of date stamp) will be accepted: Poland, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Indonesia, Italy, Portugal, Slovakia, Sweden, Thailand, Lithuania, & Germany

Table 1: MALM-Specific Recall Date Range

MALM-Specific Recalled Date Range
Type Measurements in Inches

(L x W x H)

Date Range

(MM/YY – MM/YY) M = Month,Y = Year

Corresponding Date Code Range (YYWW – YYWW)

Y = Year, W = Week

3 Drawer 31½ x 18⅞ x 30¾ 10/02 – 06/16 0240 – 1622
4 Drawer 31½ x 18⅞ x 39½ 06/02 – 06/16 0222 – 1622
5 Drawer 15⅞ x 19 x 48¼ 10/02 – 04/06 0240 – 0613
6 Drawer Long 63 x 18⅞ x 30¾ 11/02 – 06/16 0244 – 1622
6 Drawer Tall 31½ x 18⅞ x 48⅜ 06/02 – 06/16 0222 – 1622
6 Drawer Tall       + Mirror 15¾ x 19⅛ x 48⅜ 04/06 – 06/16

The date stamp on IKEA dressers may be displayed in the form of a sticker, stamp, or etching/engraving. First look under the top or inside panels. It could be anywhere on the product so be sure to look all over because it is rarely missing. They will have only one kind (either sticker, stamp, or etching/engraving) so if you find a sticker there is no other type of stamp etc. and vice versa. Sometimes you can find many stickers. They can vary from one another except for their family name model and year. At least one sticker, stamp, or etched/engraved stamp has to be present to receive the full cash refund.