How To Read The Ikea Date Stamp & What It Means

Above -> Produced in 2005, Week 47 | Made in Romania | Manufacturers Code: “14036” | White Sticker, Square Corners | Series/Model: “Kirkenes” | Code (YYWW): “0547” –> Produced in Year 2005, Week 47 | Date Code Imprinted Manually | “Made in Romania”

Reading The IKEA Date Label –

Date stamps must contain the following information in a 3 column format:

Information is displayed in a 3 column layout. The first column holds details such as the manufacturing country, manufacturers 5 digit code number, and the name of the series or model name of a particular product line. The 2nd or middle column holds a version of the Ikea logo. The third and final column is where the 4 or 6 digit date code is placed perpendicular to the first two columns, often facing outwards to be read by turning the stamp 90 degrees to the right but can sometimes be seen facing inwards to be read by turning the stamp 90 degrees to the left.

1st Column Of An IKEA Date StampHow To Get or Find An IKEA Date Stamp:

  1. Manufacturing country “Made in Country”
  2. “© Inter IKEA Systems B.V. 1999” directly below “Made in Country” with identical format and font size aligned to the left.
  3. MODEL NAME Ex) “MALM” or “HEMNES” written in all capitalized formatting either bold or regular font that is at least twice as large as the previous text. It may also be aligned left or indented with space above and below.
  4. Below the model name is the manufacturer’s 5 digit code aligned to the right, in slightly smaller size font than the model name but larger than the initial written “Made in Country” text.

2nd Column Of An IKEA Date Stamp:

  1. Directly to the right of  is the black and white version Ikea logo / registered name trademark in one of these two forms:
    1. “IKEA” in all capitalized letters black bold letters surrounded by four black triangular corners with the hypotenuse in a concaved circular shape so that “IKEA” appears to be the center of a horizontal elongated oval shape. The top right edge next to the top right triangle is a superscript bold “®” to identify as a registered trademark. Centered directly below this in plain formatting is written “Design and Quality” or “Design and Quality A.B.” and centered similarly on a new line below that “Made in Sweden.” This logo style will appear vertically and can be read alongside other text without changing readers perspective.
    2. “IKEA” again written in all capitalized letters bold format with nothing else other than the superscript registered trademark symbol at the end. On occasion, the registered trademark symbol “®” is omitted from the logo but it is very uncommon for the logo to occur without it. This logo is turned to the left 90 degrees facing outwards from the center of the sticker.

3rd Column Of An IKEA Date Stamp:

  1. Date code with the full or partial year code followed by the week of production: YYYYWW or YYWW. Accepted years for the recall are between January 2002 (200201 or 0201) and July 2016 (201622 or 1622). Because there are only 52 weeks in a year the last two numbers for the week will be between 01 to 52. The location of the date code may vary but it is most commonly displayed on the far right edge of the sticker turned to the left 90 degrees facing outwards from the center of the date stamp in similar font size and format as the initial text displayed on the sticker.

The font of the text of IKEA is Verdana for models manufactured before 2011 and Futura for models manufactured from 2011 to present.

IKEA’s true font is actually a modified version of these fonts but it’s hardly different and not available for public use.

Again please refer to our article on Ikea recall requirements for further information regarding the acceptable dates and refund amount variations for dates outside of the recall range.

Extraneous Information Included on The Date Stamp:

You may see additional information on the stamp that is not required or necessary to have on the date stamp.:

1. “Design and Quality, Made in Sweden” –

2. “PQR,” “PQM,” “PQNA,” etc. – A reference to the Supplier Index which defines the type of label secured to Ikea products that contain regulated board materials under section 1.4 in Spec. no: IOS-MAT-0003

3. “CARB,” “CARB P1,” “CARB-P2,” or “CARB <P2>” (Various Punctuation Formats) – “CARB” (alone) refers to the California Code of Regulation (CCR) 93120.12 Title 17.  Products exceeding both the CARB compliance standard and US EPA (the United States Environmental Protection Agency) 40 CFR § 770 are indicated by “P2” or “P1” alternatively.

Basically the second and third information found on Ikea labels on this list lets consumers know how the material was treated and processed during production and compliance with regulatory standards.

4. Extra Numbers – There may also be extra numbers following the date code or the manufacturing code or in other places on the date stamp. These numbers are added by the manufacturer for sorting and other internal purposes that generally have no meaning and/or are completely unrelated to Ikea.