How To Get Free Paint & Cleaning Supplies All Year-Round

Many people don’t know that they can actually get cleaning supplies and products and paint for free from their local chemical / hazardous waste facilities. Learn why and how you can participate in the program.

Why Is This Stuff Free? Where Does It Come From?

This program was developed due to the large quantities of left-over, unused, or extra products that were being taken in for disposal. They come from the various builders and other companies in similar industries who have no need, desire, or ability to store the excess materials. This can be due to many reasons such as over-ordering, mistakes, or other changes in standards or other customer-related issues.

When it comes to buckets of paint, the reason why it doesn’t make sense for the builders to hold onto it is money.  If the customers do not want all of the paint they didn’t end up using it they have no use keeping it because of the color. Paint can be kept for a long time without losing its quality but if it doesn’t match the color you need for the project, then it’s useless. If they tried to keep all of this paint on the off-chance one of their future clients would actually choose to use that exact shade they would lose a lot of money on storage space for it.

As for the left-over cleaning products they are just stupid or rich or something, I don’t know. I can’t think of any reason to dump cleaning products because even if industry standards change you could still use them for your own home or business and if the product becomes recalled you can get your money back. It truly makes no sense but whatever I love free stuff and I will happily retrieve them to save some dollars and use myself!

What Is The Quality Of The Products?

The paint is all mixed together and you can choose between white and brown paint. They do not guarantee that these colors will be the exact same shade between batches so make sure you pick up enough to complete your project and perhaps a bit extra just in case.

The cleaning products will be in their original bottles that may or may not be partially used. They are all set out of shelves and you take anything you need, don’t be greedy and take things just because they are free. Someone else may actually really need a product that would just collect dust in your garage so keep the good karma going and let other people enjoy these gifts with you.

What Do I Need To Do To Get Free Paint & Cleaning Supplies?

Do a quick search online for the locations, supply pick-up times, and program requirements in your specific location. Generally, the requirements are minimal and easily met:

  1. Available for any individual over 18 years of age
  2. Must bring a  government-issued photo ID
  3. Must provide proof of residency in the county you are interested in in the form of a recent utility bill or similar document

So beyond the age and location requirements, any person of any income level regardless of your status or lack there-of in different government assistance programs.

Are There Any Limitations?

The only limit they have is on the amount of paint where the maximum amount you can receive per household is 25 gallons a year. This limit may vary depending on your location so be sure to check online or call them for more accurate information.

That’s it! Now go get yourself some free paint and cleaning supplies so you can give yourself a well-deserved home make-over!