Avoid Court, Get Cash Owed to You by Writing A Simple Effective Letter

I have had a lot of success in getting money owed to my friends, family and myself! A majority of the time I achieve this by writing a letter to the person, employer, and/or company and you can too!

Some key factors that make a difference between getting a check or not include:

  1. A full timeline of events with dates, names, and locations in as much detail as possible. This may be the most powerful tool that you have to establish the credibility of your argument. Articulate the premise of your argument to make it impossible to refute. Make sure that your statements are factual, clear and chronological. Leave out subjective thoughts or feelings as this will weaken your argument.
  2. Name the individuals you encountered during each step of the process. Every time you talk to someone in person or on the phone be sure to write down their name before you say anything else. By asking “who am I speaking with?” you have now made that person accountable for whatever they say or do next. If they care about their job then they will provide at least adequate customer service. Otherwise you can report any mistreatment or bad information given to their employer.
  3. Use logic to explain why you are right and why they should do what you want. Be as logical as possible leaving no other interpretation or possible alternative outcome. Hit them in the face with it and spell it out. Don’t assume that they will know what you mean by something. Base your statements on facts and guide the logical thought process of your argument. This part takes some practice but it ensures that you will win your argument. Explain each of the logical steps you made following each event that took place. Finish your letter with the logical outcome moving forward should be.
  4. Make them eat their words! Use their own words, policy, terms of the agreement, or the applicable law to make your point. Using their own words, documents or laws against them or in your favor to make your case inarguable. They can’t deny you because based on their own rules. If you can make the case that the issue should have never erupted in the first place. Furthermore state that an urgent remedy would be pleasing for your continued patience.
  5. Finish your letter with what you want the logical and fair outcome to be. It is much easier for them to determine what the outcome should be when you suggest the outcome for them. They are usually happy to give you the outcome you see fit so long as it is not too liberal. Make them feel especially ignorant for not already giving you what you want.
  6. Ice the cake with this final sentence: “I hope to settle these matters quickly without the need for further legal action.” Meaning that denying your requests will lead to you filing a claim with the court against them. Even if you do not desire to take that extra step, more than likely they will not want to either. You need to make them think that you would which would cost them money and time. It would be much easier and cheaper to do exactly what you want.
  7. Send copies of the letter to their superiors and make sure they know that you did! Make sure to bring your case to the attention of their supervisor and/or corporate office. This awareness allows them to follow up on the progress and ensure a amicable outcome. Beneath the primary addressee, write “CC” (carbon copy) followed by the other recipients. This means that an identical copy is to them.

Incorporate these suggestions into your letter and you will have a persuasive argument. All you will have to do next is wait for a check to come in the mail. 🙂

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