$400+ FREE Instant Cash Personal Loan No Income Bad Credit No Problem!

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It doesn’t matter if you have bad credit, you can still get this personal loan/cash advance. The best part is it’s available to you 24/7/365 with 0% interest!

So I’m sure you’re wary of coming across another blog telling you that you can actually get the money you need for free despite your bad credit score and lack of income or assets. You’re wondering “Is this just another scam?” or “Is this just another program that I can’t qualify for?” Well, the answer to either of those questions is “nope” because this funding is 100% legit and available to any adult of legal gambling age (21+). It’s a little known cash source called Casino Credit” which is a line of credit offered by the casino industry.

This is hands-down the fastest, easiest way for anyone to get a loan for several hundred dollars and you never pay a penny more than what you borrow. Usually when you find opportunities that sound “too good to be true” they usually are… but not this time!

The best way I can describe Casino Credit is that it’s a line of credit that works like how you’d wish regular credit would work…I’ll explain.

Casino Credit is a program offered by casinos across the US which is typically used to get chips to play at the poker table or as a way to get funds to use on slot machines.

Some key differences between Casino Credit and regular credit are:

Regular Credit:

  • For adults ages 18+
  • Shows up as a credit inquiry on your report and shaves a bit off your score
  • Depends on credit score and history
  • Charges interest to use and even more if you need a cash advance
  • Will have a negative impact on your credit score if not paid on time
  • The longer it takes you to pay it back, the bigger the hit to your credit score
  • Once you have a low score after taking a hit from some delinquencies your score is practically impossible to regain your prior score and rises very slowly

Casino Credit:

    • For adults ages 21+
    • Primarily depends on your average available funds from the past 30-90 days
    • Your typical “buy-in” amount is also heavily regarded in determining your casino credit limit
    • Does a  “soft pull” of your credit history and has little to no influence on their decision. It will be in your credit report and could be masked under an alternative or subdomain name.
    • The limit may increase if you have good credit or good standing with repaying loans from the casino
    • You never pay any interest whatsoever on any funds they make available to you. There are no fees at all, you never pay a penny more than what you borrow
    • You can regain your status with the casino once repaid despite how long it may take you to repay them
  • Allows you to cash your own personal checks from your bank account*

*The last key difference between casino vs. regular credit is going to be what we will focus on to get you to cash instantly: The Casino Credit program allows the player to cash their own checks associated with their personal bank account.

Who can cash a personal check at the casino and how is my limit determined?

Any individual over the age of 21 is eligible and you will be offered cash almost completely regardless of your credit history. That is because it is not based on the same system as banks and other credit companies. To be clear, they do check your credit but it is loosely taken in consideration and has little to no effect on the amount you will receive. It will be in your credit report but instead of seeing the name of the casino directly as you would for other credit inquiries, it can be disguised under a parent or separate department holding a different title. For example,  Harrah’s AC may show up on your report as “Marine Associates.”

Another element that aids the decision for new clients is your typical buy-in amount as a player. Your casino credit limit will not usually exceed it. Let’s say you usually will bring a modest $60 dollars to play and that lasts you a couple hours on the slot machines. Over those hours you had wins and losses which were either added or subtracted from your initial $60. However, if you added up all of the money you spent from every time you place a bet it will be well over the $60 you had with you when you started playing. That is what is considered as your “buy-in amount.”  So don’t think that by playing with little money, to begin with means that you’ll be offered a small line of credit. You will more likely be surprised at how much you will actually be offered and rarely will that amount be below $400 for an initial credit line.

Once you get your initial line of casino credit, upon successful repayment the amount of your casino credit will only depend upon your status in the casino credit program. Your limit will increase as you show your creditworthiness by obeying the terms of the agreement.

Failure to pay a marker will destroy your casino credit rating. However, because the casinos love a loser, if you make good on a bad debt the casino will gradually restore your credit line.” 

        – Casino City Times

So even if you mess it up you can easily undo the damage and be in good standing with the casino again.

It’s an ideal option to take advantage of because there are no additional fees, interests or cost to you in any way. Even getting a small cash advance from an atm costs roughly 10% not including what your bank charges you to pull out the extra cash. Anyone considering a cash advance should really take advantage of this option to cash a personal check for free!

What You Need To Bring To Cash A Personal Check At The Casino:

  • Valid form of identification
    • Must be government-issued and have your photo on it like a passport, driver’s license, identification card, etc.
  • A blank check from your active checking account.* **
    • The check must have your name and address that matches your identification.

* The account and associated line of credit

can be overdrawn and/or over the credit limit!

** The only thing that matters is that

your account is still open and active for use!

What You Need To Do:

1. Take both your ID and blank check down to your local casino.

2. Go to the cashier, hand them both and say:

YOU:   “I heard there is no fee if I bring in a blank check?”

CASHIER: “Let me see…” and then hey will type your information into their computer. Then they will then say “It looks like you’re approved for $400, how much would you like?”

       YOU: “$400” Then you’ll sign and stamp your fingerprint on your agreement while they count out your money. 🙂

That’s it!

You can request the full amount or whatever amount you’re comfortable with and if you’re lucky you could actually be approved for even more cash! In most cases, you will be able to snag $400 minimum on your first visit.

Another way to think of this is that you’re getting a cash advance for free without any fees!

Who Do I Owe For The Loan? My Bank Or The Casino?

You will owe the casino for the exact amount of money they let you loan from them and nothing more.

Your bank account will not be overdrawn or charged in any way at all – it is completely unaffected and you can keep using your bank account as you would normally.*

*(Read the agreement you sign carefully as it may differ depending on your location)

You should repay the casino as stated in the agreement you signed with them for the money even though the consequences are relatively low (explained below). You can do this many times if you repay the advance to the casino according to the document you signed. Otherwise, you can only do this once ever for any casino even if you are at a different location, chain or tribe because casino credit is an industry-wide program.

What If I Can’t Repay Them Right Away?

This specific type of loan is only issued once until repaid and depending on your repayment history with the casino credit line you may have even more or a bit less money available to you in the future.

If you are unable to repay the casino it will affect your regular credit score. The debt will eventually go to collections once a certain amount of time has elapsed (typically 90 days for casino credit) and/or if you have insufficient funds.

What If I Win A Hand Pay At The Casino I Borrowed From And I Never Repaid The Loan?

If you win a hand-pay at any time afterward the amount is neither delayed, deducted or withheld from you.

This loan access will not prevent you from receiving any winnings from the casino. You will receive all of the money you win just like you did before you got a loan from them. No worries!

How Can I Get A Bank Account and Order Checks Fast For Free?

Get open free checking account and order checks at no cost upfront from Bluebird. Bluebird is the Walmart backed checking and savings account which doesn’t require fee w a minimum deposit to activate never charges monthly fees, and won’t close due to inactivity. You should receive the checks in the mail within one week with your name and address printed on them. You may see a $25 charge on your balance for the service but again, they will send them to you even if you can’t currently afford them.

You can do it all online at Bluebird.com or you can go in person to the financial service department of any Walmart.

Some banks will give you a few starter checks if you open an account with them however they will not have your name and address printed on them so don’t waste your time. Just do bluebird because it will remain active even if you never add funds to the account 😉


It is your responsibility to research further before you make any financial decisions!

Each individual casino will have different policies and lending amounts so it may benefit you to ‘shop around’ to see which casino gives you the best offer.

To learn more about the subject please check out this article here which dives into the details on how the casino credit amount is determined and strategies to maximize the benefits.