Earn $126 In Crypto Currency For Free

Have you ever wanted to buy cryptocurrency but weren’t sure how to go about it? Trying new things can be difficult, especially when it involves investing your money. Now you can jumpstart your crypto currency wallets with $126 for free!*

*Amount reflects the total value of all coins when converted to United States dollars (USD).

How do I get the cash?

First you will need to sign up for an account on Coinbase.com, complete your profile by adding a bank account of your choice, and verify your account.

Next you will click the Earn crypto” page link at the top of the homepage. You will then be taken to a page to learn about specific types of cryptocurrency by watching a few short videos for each one. Each video is approximately 5 minutes long that teach you about how blockchain works and how it is used by each cryptocurrency platform. Each is explained in a fun and simple way that leave you with a very complete understanding of its core concepts, processes and benefits.

Each set of educational videos for a given cryptocurrency will give you the value of coin you can earn in USD for learning about it. After each video you will be asked a few multiple choice questions about what you have learned about the coin before you can move on to watch the next one.  You may try as many times as you’d like to choose the correct answer with no penalty.

Once complete you will see the coins and tokens added to your Coinbase wallet. You can then use your earnings to trade the cryptocurrency, transfer it to another wallet, send or pay for things or services, or convert the money into other types of currency. If you want to just get the cash out you just need to convert/transfer each cryptocurrency to USD to add to your USD wallet. Once you successfully move the money into your bank account you can withdraw it as you normally would. Enjoy your fast free and easy money!

If you use my link to join Coinbase you will get an additional $10 when you trade $100 or more in cryptocurrency!

For those who are ready to dabble in trading:

Later if you decide you’d like to try your hand at trading cryptocurrency, you can use Coinbase.com to buy as much of any coin that you’d like (up to $150,000!) and begin trading instantly. Taking this gamble isn’t for everyone and I would like to point out a few things about trading and purchaseing cryptocurrency assets through coinbase.com

You don’t have to have any money in your account at all and you can still buy as much cryptocurrency as you want! Your bank account will not be charged for 30 days however you cannot remove your bank account from the platform for 30 days once you purchase them either.

You can only trade between cryptocurrencies they limit you to and each trade costs a fee around $1. This can become pretty expensive if you want to do a lot of trading back and fourth.

If you are able to turn a profit during this 30 day period then congratulations, you didn’t have to pay a dime and were able to make some real cash without having to put in any investment at all!

If you don’t do so hot on the market then you will owe the money Coinbase floated you to trade during the month that you lost.

Trade wisely and good luck!