Declutter Your Inbox Hustle – 3 Website Subscriptions To Replace Them All!

Having trouble managing and going through tons of emails in hopes to boost your side hustle? I’ve subscribed to every coupon, settlement and free stuff website there is. Many of which contain the same information as one another which only adds to an already lengthy task.

After years of reading and following the various platforms I have narrowed them down. These are the three “must have” email subscriptions to save money, get money, and find money:

1. Free Stuff Finder

Tina Su has created an astonishingly thorough website that is clear and to the point. It’s usually the first to post about any free stuff or deal so you can stay ahead of the wave of other free-seekers. I love how she dives in to how to get the stuff with each step, promo code/coupon, and links.

There’s no fluff, just straight business. You definitely want to get instant push notifications and really the only one you need. I recommend subscribing for instant text notifications as well as desktop notifications.

2. Coupon Mom is a website created by extreme couponing enthusiasts and professional shoppers. Literally professional shoppers all over the country go in to each store to check the prices and match up coupons to stay up to date.

First you must watch the introduction videos! The are only a minute long and make it really easy for you to organize and start couponing in general. I promise you won’t be wasting your time.

Then subscribe to their email list to get lists for each store you can get free items or “money makers” by using the coupons as described in the videos.

Before you go shopping you should always create your list using their online tool and database. Find the specific items you want from the store where you are going to shop and click to add them to your list. (Again, just watch the 60 second video to understand how to do this.) I typically save $20-$40 dollars out of $100 that I would have spent normally.

It only takes 15 minutes to create your list the first time. You can save the items you buy frequently so the process will only take a couple minutes the next time.

3. Class Action Rebates

This is another fantastic email subscription to jump on to know what class action settlements are open with and without proof of purchase.

The site is easy to follow and lists settlements in a simple 4 column table with the settlement, possible payout, proof required (or not) and the closing date to file. All you have to do is click on the settlement, follow the link to fill out your name and address on the form and then submit your claim.

Expect to receive a check in the mail in the distant future. Most claims take 6 months to a year before they are processed to pay out. Dispite the long time between filing the claim and actually receiving the check it is still very much worth your time to do. Earlier this year I received a $200 check from UBER a year and a half after I filed the claim! Sometimes the check can be as little as $0.68 cents if there are many class members. Typically I get checks between $20 and $50 dollars which is not much but they are still very helpful.

Tip: You will never be required to fill out a survey in order to make a claim on any website. If you ever encounter a survey then you can quickly identify it as a scam and can avoid wasting your time. These surveys are just ways they try to trick you into buying something and/or spamming your email.