How To Read The Ikea Date Stamp & What It Means

Above -> Produced in 2005, Week 47 | Made in Romania | Manufacturers Code: “14036” | White Sticker, Square Corners | Series/Model: “Kirkenes” | Code (YYWW): “0547” –> Produced in Year 2005, Week 47 | Date Code Imprinted Manually | “Made in Romania” Reading The IKEA Date Label – Date…
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$100+ Per Visit Paid Same Day For COVID-19 Vaccine Trials

How Much Can I Expect To Be Paid? Multiple vaccines have already rolled out but they still need a million people to volunteer to be part of a comprehensive 2-year study. If you decide to participate, you will receive compensation for each of the appointments and follow up phone calls…
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Make Money At Home Under Lockdown

Make Money At Home Under Lockdown Or Quarantine: There are many ways to make money at home under lockdown and these 3 will give you the best results: 1. Find products in your home that have been recalled and get a full refund, replacement or repair. 2. Retrieve money you…
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How To Get $100’s For Recalled Products In Your Home

You can get hundreds of dollars when you participate in product recalls for items you have in your home.  Every year there are thousands of product recalls made across all industries particularly pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, and consumer products. Many of which offer free repair, replacement or a full refund…
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How To Get Free Paint & Cleaning Supplies All Year-Round

Many people don’t know that they can actually get cleaning supplies and products and paint for free from their local chemical / hazardous waste facilities. Learn why and how you can participate in the program. Why Is This Stuff Free? Where Does It Come From? This program was developed due…
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What Got Me Into Flipping Items

So growing up I knew that I wanted to own my own business but I never thought I’d be essentially collecting trash. I especially didn’t think that it was a desirable profession to have or that it would be very liberating but I was wrong. Okay, so I know what…
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All articles are aimed towards ideas that will give you instant results that have been successful with as much information as possible.
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If You Can’t Afford To Pay The Vet Up Front, Here’s What You Need To Do

If you don’t have any savings or emergency funds and your pet becomes sick or injured, there’s no need to delay a trip to the vet. Delaying treatment can only make the situation worse and obviously lengthen their suffering. So here’s what you need to do in order to get them help without having to pay for anything up front
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How To Find An IKEA Date Stamp 2021

In this article you will learn about the Ikea date stamp: 
Identify different styles of Ikea date stamps,
See pictures of each kind of date stamp,
Locations where they are found,
What information they have on them,
The meaning of the information,
How to find the date stamp if think you can’t find yours.

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Earn $126 In Crypto Currency For Free

Have you ever wanted to buy cryptocurrency but weren't sure how to go about it? Trying new things can be difficult, especially when it involves investing your money. Now you can jumpstart your crypto currency wallets with $126 for free!
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$150 Cash In Hand + New Windshield No-Brainer Deal

Paying an extra $3 a month to add glass coverage to your insurance policy sounds like another insurance rip-off. It’s not required by law so why pay more to cover something that doesn’t happen that often? Because you can triple your annual investment if it gets cracked and obviously you get a free windshield! 
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Can’t Pay Rent Or Utilities? Get A One Time Pass

Everyone’s experienced financial hardship at one point or another. An unexpected turn of events takes place and turns us upside-down, emptying our pockets. Now rent is due or you’re behind on your electric/water bill and you just don’t have it. With nowhere to turn, you are about to put shut…
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Instantly Whiten Your Teeth

Get instant results when you use Luster White toothpaste! This is truly the only regular whitening toothpaste that I could see improvement after 1st use..
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Top 11 Thrifting Hacks To Find Hidden Gems

Hunting for a hidden gem at a thrift shop, antique store or garage sale? Here are some useful tips and helpful tools to find out if you've hit the jackpot! Simple strategies to blindly strike gold.
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